Dan Richards has a reputation for being a passionate,
creative professional who excels at being a swell guy.
He is capable, in equal parts, of designing a project from
start to finish or directing a team of designers to realize
his vision. Dan leads with enthusiasm and thoughtfulness,
creating solutions that are bold and playful. He is also
an expert diplomat. Able to broker solutions that satisfy
business needs without compromising the intangibles
that make design powerful.


The work contained on this site has been earnestly and lovingly created by Dan Richards. Much of what you see was completed during Dan's tenure at Opolis Design, the Portland firm that he co-founded in 2002. Or, from Columbia Sportswear, where he is currently the Global Creative Director. Some examples may have been created while Dan was happily employed at Sullivan Perkins, Nike, Sandstrom Partners or Fitch. Dan wishes to thank all of the talented designers, writers, photographers, illustrators, producers, printers, fabricators or clients who have contributed to this work or otherwise made it possible.

Dan Richards