ESPN HOTEL  Comprehensive hotel concept for ESPN. The project took into consideration the entire guest journey. Brand touchpoints include a digital reservation portal, check-in, in-room experience, special hotel amenities and check out. ESPN partnered with Hilton Worldwide with plans to convert a single floor of select hotels into the ESPN Away experience. Reservations could be made via the ESPN Away website or on the Hilton site. Once a reservation was made, an app allows guests the opportunity to input their fan profile. Information from the fan profile allows the hotel to customize the guests experience. For instance, A Green Bay Packers fan might find Green Bay Packer towels in his room and a cheese head in the closet. Central to the in-room experience is an interactive media center with live games and special sports programming. Hotel room numbers are embedded in a sports trivia story on each room door. The experience gives sports fans an upscale room punctuated with moments of humor and surprise that reflects the attitude of the ESPN brand.
  ESPN FANTASY FOOTBALL IDENTITY AND KIT  This direct mail piece was sent to ESPN Fantasy Football League Managers as an incentive to return to ESPN for their upcoming season. It includes a free magazine and coupons fastened to a clipboard as well as a league trophy. The package is covered in expert Fantasy Football advice. The inexpensive materials and flexo printing kept costs down but only added to the character of the package.
  SPORTSCENTER FAN SET  This installation at Altell Stadium in Jacksonville Florida allows fans to sit behind the most famous desk in sport and see what it's like to be an ESPN anchor. Fans read from a teleprompter of just improvise. A SportsCenter intro and outro bookends their performance, and the final product is emailed to their inbox. The concept was such a huge success that several other stadiums were equipped with similar custom designed installations.
  ESPN CLASSIC POSTER  Promotional poster for ESPN Classic programming. The series featured a countdown of the greatest athletes of all time. The poster concept imagines a bout between world heavy-weight champion Muhammad Ali and Olympic gold medal figure skater Dorothy Hamill.
  ESPN GREAT OUTDOOR GAMES  The Great Outdoor Games featured timber, sporting dog and target events. Lumber jacks and hunters competed in the annual event. This poster series uses the acronym "GOG" in reference to the games as though it is a mythical foe that must be prepared to meet.