OPOLIS MAP PROMO  This screen printed Oregon map points to Portland, the location of opolis design. The arrow graphic is a compilation of design elements taken from projects created by opolis. The award winning promo was created to encourage clients to visit the newly designed opolis website.
  SUMMER AT STARBUCKS  A brand strategy, retail concepts, and visualizations were created to strengthen the authenticity of the Starbucks brand during the Summer selling seasons. Recommendations included a Summer palette, photo styling, seasonal graphics, environmental elements and staff activities. Due to the confidential nature of the work, the content of the project cannot be shared at this time.
  SIRIUS PACKAGE  Package design for the Sirius S50 portable satellite radio hardware.
  GARCIA Y VEGA  Identity refresh and new packaging for Garcia Y Vega. Because these cigars are imported from the Dominican Republic, the packaging features a graphic style inspired by foreign currency to highlight the exotic nature of the brand. A window added to the back of the box reveals the new metallic gold cigar band design. The package positions the brand as a fine imported cigar that lives within a lower price point. The new tagline was cleverly written to reinforce this position in the marketplace. "The Best Cigar for the Most People".
  Stadium Exhibition Center  An event space at the Seattle Seahawks stadium complex.