MAX TO MAXIM  This graphic timeline charts the evolution of Nike Air from it's 1970's origins through to the Air Maxim. The graphic features vignettes of the designers and their inspiration for the designs of the iconic shoes. The deliberate analog presentation features elements such as Polaroid prints photographed at the Nike archive, athletic tape, racing bibs, and illustrations by James Blagden.
  NSW LAUNCH CAMPAIGN  Integrated campaign for the US launch of Nike Sportswear. Pictured are print, outdoor and digital advertising and consumer collateral. The ad buy included a station domination program where every ad space in a single NYC subway station was reserved for the campaign. The collateral is an oversized newsprint piece that was distributed in NYC in custom branded newspaper dispensers.
   VINTAGE RUNNING  A comprehensive initiative to launch Nike's Vintage Running products. The campaign, made to look as though it had been unearthed from a late 70's time capsule, included custom boutique retail installations , print and digital advertising,  an assortment of promotional collateral, and  a PR piece designed and carefully produced to appear as a 35 year old runners magazine.
  BE TRUE CAMPAIGN  Large scale retail marketing campaign for Nike Sportswear, specifically the re-launch of a classic basketball silhouette from 1985–The Dunk. The Dunk's identity is rooted in school colors, and 80's authenticity. The Dunk's colorful tile pattern was represented in retail using painted school locker doors. The locker doors were featured in window displays, and used as shelving in-store or as a tiled wall pattern in some spaces. Clever placement of the campaign tagline, "Be True" included, foam fingers, and body paint, all meant to capture the passion and culture of 80's school spirit.
  JORDAN BRAND CLASSIC   The Jordan Brand Classic, is a high school All-Star tournament. The game's rosters feature the best and most highly recruited high school players. This integrated campaign included all branded materials for the event including advertising, collateral, event graphics, credentials, and more.
  MARCH MADNESS BOX  Limited edition package for a special Nike Sportswear product seeding program for March Madness. Screen printed maple floor lid features a stylized tournament bracket illustration by Cody Hudson.
  NIKE EQUIPMENT  This collateral for the launch of Nike Hockey was one example of the many projects created while working in the Nike Equipment Division. Work included all aspects of brand design for the division including identity, product graphics, package design, film and video, event design and retail support. As the brand design Creative Director for the Equipment Division, I was responsible for a team of 25 designers, writers, and project managers. Our team supported many emerging businesses including Vision (sunglasses), Timing (watches), Soccer Equipment, Baseball, Bags, Socks, and Accessories.